Error in Facebook.

This is the latest error shown by the Lazy Facebook. I received this error when I opened my e-mail from the inbox. There could be many reasons as why this happened, few of them are listed below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
The all new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is here with exciting new features. It now comes with enhanced Design; Better home screen, multi-tasking, web browsing, reading, music, communication,office, multimedia, enriched imaging, and that's not it, it has the Latest Android Technology along with an entire suite of Google Services.

Educomp: taking India to new heights.

Shantanu Prakash the founder of Educomp; is one of the largest education companies in India which helps in taking care of education of students. With over 15 million learners from more than 26,000 schools across the world. This company is now planning to expand its empire in India in next few years with following agenda's:

Updates in Facebook

Social Networking Giant THE FACEBOOK has recently done a lot of changes with its website. Looks like Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook wants its users to experience the fastest way possible to communicate and socialize. But, the regular updates are causing a problem for most of the user.

Some of the recent updates are listed below:

Canon to open 300 retail stores in India

Canon India is now taking a franchisee route to expand sales. With the photography and digital imaging industry set to become a Rs. 10,000 crore industry in India by 2015, Canon is spreading its retail network so as to get a major chunk of the pie.
The Company plans to open 50 exclusive retail stores by the year end and by 2013 and is targeting 300 retail stores and plans to spread across 100 cities and towns.

Gingerbread for LG Optimus 2X customers.

Great news for the  LG Optimus 2X  (i.e. T-mobile G2x ) customers, Android 2.3 Gingerbread update has been officially announced for T-mobile users. This update comes with a lot of new benefits. The handset which originally came out only with Froyo - Android 2.2, can now be updated.

Samsung Galaxy S II

After the success of the Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung has made a huge step into the Android Market with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II. It is a 3G enabled phone with an latest OS; the Gingerbread. Check out its price and read full phone Specifications.